Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vehicle Air Con Optimization

I shall carry on updating this blog of mine here in regards to what I am doing now.

I have stepped into the automotive industry with my boss's help and has begun to offer sales of products and also services.

What kind of services?

Before I even talk about what optimization of air conditioning system about, let me give you a better idea by talking about something else.

Almost every family in Singapore has air conditioning units installed in their homes.

We all know that if we never engage services to service our air conditioning units, 'aircon' will sooner or later turns NOT COLD, turns smelly, water pipes choked... etc.

If the system is serviced regularly, everyday you will be enjoying cold air in your own home after a hard day at work.

Get the picture yet?

For those who drive, seldom would even think about their air con system in their cars. As long as it is cold, it is fine. So, how do we define 'cold'? What is 'cold' enough? What temperature?

Before I engage myself in this line of service, I used my car (Subaru) to test out the service rendered. I am amazed. For weeks and now months, my car air con is still very cold. Not me alone, my boss's Honda's too. He has lined up his other cars for as well for this form of service.

If you are reading this, I know you are internet savvy and do know how to do search in regards to automotive industry.

On theory, the air temperature directly from the blower CAN be zero oC!!! Due to environment and climate, anything around 5 oC is acceptable with stimulation of on the road driving.

When I first figured out what temperature was I getting from my car, 16 oC. Is that cold enough? NO WAY!!!

An air con compressor unit in the car draws about 15% of power from the alternator and the power comes from the engine of course. Meaning during drive, you lose about 15% power as well when driving with air con on.

The longer the compressor works, the more load the alternator and engine would be having. Thus loss in power and performance. That is why sometimes you have to off air con when you want to have some performance to overtake or speed!!! (I am not recommending people to speed here. Period.)

If your cabin temperature could be achieved in the shortest possible time, your engine will not be working as hard.

You may have to maintain higher rpm when air con compressor is running for a XXX speed and ideal temperature is not hit, the longer the compressor would have to work. More loads on the engine as well.

But.... if you get to optimize your system properly, the air con compressor will take less time to achieve your temperature you want. Less time and less load on engine of course.

Less load on engine also means that you have better power on the drive as well. If your system is optimized properly, you will not have to off your air con system during OVERDRIVE! More horses on the throttle at your expense. Lower rpm at desire cruising speed.

Manufacturers recommend servicing of air conditioning system every 40,000km... err... how come many of us do not know about this. This information is not disclosed or perhaps it is hidden from car owners.

Even cars that just came out from factory face this problem. As long as the vent has cold air, the car is good to go. What is cold? How cold is cold? Such questions surface again.

Getting your system optimize not only helps in saving on wear and tear of your air con compressor, it also help to save the environment as well. I think you do not need to tell how this thing work to save environment.


Personally, I have done two cars. I will update again in regards to the findings and results accordingly soon. Stay tuned!

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